Automated Routing

We Can Help

From your drawings or sketches to full reverse-engineered components, we can help.

Some of the parts we run include frames for chairs, love seats, and sofas; seat pans; arm caps; hardwood arm sides; and rifle stocks.

CNC Routing

Automated Routing specializes in CNC Routing. We produce a broad range of routed, shaped, and cut-to-size component parts and assemblies. With 35 active CNC Routers, there is a nearly unlimited amount of work that we can perform.

  • Router 1
  • Router 2
  • Router 3

Solid Wood

We run a number of solid wood parts, including shaped arm caps, rifle stocks, and chair arms.

  • Solid Wood Part 1
  • Solid Wood Part 2
  • Solid Wood Part 3
  • Solid Wood Part 4
  • Solid Wood Part 5

Webbed Parts

Our highly skilled employees can have your webbed parts shipped ready to assemble into your chair frame. Stocked webbing types include Sytex II, III, and HT; Matrix; Samson I, II; and Ameriflex.

  • Webbed Part 1
  • Webbed Part 2
  • Webbed Part 3
  • Webbed Part 4


We keep several types of hardware available at all times, such as T-nuts, screws, dowels, and springs. We can insert 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 T-nuts at our seven T-nut stations, which are capable of inserting straight, flared, or full-rollover rivet-style T-nuts. Other sizes of T-nuts are available with manual insertion.

  • Part With Hardware 1
  • Part With Hardwood 2
  • Part With Hardwood 3

Assembled Stock

We have dedicated over 57,000 square feet to assembling your frames. We also have over 60,000 square feet of room to store finished products if your company needs just-in-time (JIT) delivery.

  • Assembled Stock 1
  • Assembled Stock 2
  • Assembled Stock 3
  • Assembled Stock 4
  • Assembled Stock 5

Bent Plywood

We can make your formed and upholstered plywood panels in our four RF presses. We currently form parts such as seat panels, chair backs, and outer back panels.

  • Bent Plywood Part 1
  • Bent Plywood Part 2
  • Bent Plywood Part 3
  • Bent Plywood Part 4
  • Bent Plywood Part 5

Plywood Stock

We stock a variety of plywood sheets in many thicknesses to reduce lead times. Plywood types include Birch/Birch, Birch/Okoume, Poplar/Gum, and Pine CDX. Also stocked are OSB, Lauan, Hardboard, and MDF sheets. We have a material testing lab on site, and can help you choose an appropriate material to suit your needs.


Automated Routing can ship your parts any way that you request. If you are a local customer, we can deliver to you with one of our four trucks. We have two semis pulling 53-foot enclosed air ride trailers, and two 26-foot box trucks.