Automated Routing Inc. is a family-based company that performs machining for other companies and individuals.

We started in 1993 with just one machine, and only produced parts for a few local companies. As the volume of orders increased, we purchased more equipment, and even built dedicated machinery in-house to keep up with the demand. We have continued to expand to meet the needs of our customers, and now have over 100 employees, dozens of CNC machines, and numerous pieces of dedicated machinery.

Automated Routing is owned by several brothers who have a wide range of experiences and skills available to the individuals and companies that require our services. We cover all aspects of the manufacturing process, from product design to packaging and delivery.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please call or e-mail with questions.


Automated Routing is started in a 4,800 sqft building.

1994 - 2003

A new 6,400 sqft warehouse is added.
3,000 sqft are added to make room for new machinery.
The existing buildings are connected, adding 2,262 sqft.
Another addition of 3,200 sqft is added.
New manufacturing space of 6,000 sqft is added.
A 2,400 sqft addition is built for finishing components.


The 16,000 sqft Plant 2 is built to keep up with demand.


Plant 2 is expanded by 7,200 sqft to make room for new equipment.


The 41,000 sqft Plant 3 is constructed for assembly.


Plant 4 is purchased in Tell City for production of bent plywood and solid wood components.


A storage building is constructed for our saw dust recycling program.


Plant 3 expands with 60,000 sqft of new warehouse space, replacing the Tell City plant and consolidating operations.


Plant 2 expands to bring routing operations from Plant 1 into a single location.


A laser is added to easily cut custom cardboard shapes without needing expensive dies.